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Our mission is to offer student-centered academic support across disciplines. We provide individual and small group assistance using a multi-sensory approach in helping students succeed. Our learning environment aims to increase self confidence, motivation and help students reach their academic potential.

About Us ...

STEP is  operated by Kelley and Lisa who have been educators for over 25 years. Kelley began her career as an educator in the private school sector in South Tampa. She has spent the last 10 years teaching in our public school system. While teaching , Kelley has found success in many students utilizing her vast experience in individualized tutoring. Lisa began her career as an educator teaching Elementary Spanish for the D.O.D. School System in North Carolina. She has worked with grade levels K-12 and currently teaches in our public school system. Lisa has had extensive experience working in the Hillsborough County District Reading Curriculum Department. Both educators are certified and hold Master’s Degrees in Education.

What we do ..

  • Private Tutoring / Group Tutoring

  • Homework Help /Student Readiness